Managing our lands sustainably today for tomorrow's emerging needs

Four States Timberland Owners Association     
Upcoming Association Events:
August 9-11, 2017 - Annual Third Party Recertification Audit for FSTOA!!
FSTOA's 2017 Annual Landowner Meeting will take place late Sep or early Oct
(Dates and agenda to come soon)

Annual FSTOA Member Meeting - we will tour the new A1 Fluff Pulp machine, so make plans to attend!

Other Happenings -
We have hosted several landowner recruitment tours this past year in an effort to grow our landowner membership and acreage.  From these tours we have been able to showcase a few member properties and add members to our FSTOA family.  We have also partnered with FSC and World Wildlife Fund which helped with funding for the landowner signs we are able to provide members.
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